Open world racing game released "Dakar 18" desert hurricane test of driving skills

Updated: 2018-1-12 19:57:54  Views: 223

Deep Silver and Bigmoon Entertainment, the two companies announced the opening of the Dakar world racing game 18>>. game design based on the famous Dakar rally today, take a look.

According to official reports, the Dakar 18>> is a real simulation game, for the opening of the scale of the world, the official said it would be "all previous racing game in the largest open one of the world". The game will include the main official Dakar automobile manufacturing team, as well as five kinds of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, car category, truck all terrain vehicles, SxS. game will be divided into single player and multiplayer online / offline local people.

This will be on sale in 2018, landing PS4/Xbox One/PC platform, interested friends can go the official website for more details.

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Traditional Chinese: 開放世界競速遊戲《達喀爾18》公布 荒漠狂飆考驗車技