The achievements of Oprah Winfrey's top 10 moments

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The achievements of Oprah Winfrey's top 10 moments

The history of the United States the highest rated show "the Oprah Winfrey Show" in all-powerful after 25 years ended, but the show host Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey still has a profound influence on Oprah. It is reported that the first phase of the program, and how can you choose the man or woman marriage "indicates that is a daytime show. But after the 4560 phase of broadcast, the audience who sought Madonna in the program (Madonna, Beyonce and Beyonce (Tom - Hanks (Tom Hanks have appeared in Oprah's farewell show.

In the past 25 years, Oprah is known to every family, legend of culture, is also one of the richest people in the world. While on the show off the air after Oprah will be working on their own "Oprah Winfrey network (OWN, but she did not invite big guests bujiandangnian.

Once President Obama told his public why making the birth certificate on her show, Sarah - Ferguson (Sarah Ferguson talks about not being invited to the royal wedding. So, why Oprah will be so successful? The following ten moments corroborated her profound influence.

Oprah winfrey:

<b> In 1986 1, for the first time, Oprah tells the story of childhood sexual abuse experience:</b>

In this program, Oprah told the audience about his childhood rape experience, the basic form of advertising is the future of the program. It not only shows that Oprah himself for victims of sexual abuse of non official sports, and also paved the way for the tens of thousands of in the program to confess to her guests such as ordinary people, big drug addiction a star or a hidden story.

Author Bonnie - Greer (Bonnie Greer far away from his hometown in Chicago, Oprah fame when she said, "Oprah the American black women's passion but candid personality into the mainstream. The penetration in American culture, but Oprah has put it in the afternoon of the embedded program. She started in positive and negative the victims' sense of culture".

At the end of 80s and early 90s of the great depression, she makes Americans regain the survival mechanism and good faith. "Oprah convey the things of this world to the audience, because she wanted to show that in the world of 'good' and 'honest' will be rewarded"

<b> 2, 1988, Oprah successfully lose weight, pulling a car came up the fat ":</b>

Oprah in just 4 months lost 67 pounds (about 30 kg, its weight and she pulled the big bag of fat. But her weight quickly rebounded, which is the next 20 years, yo yo slimming (Tim - American reporter of weight loss and increased cycle start times. Terman (Tim Teeman Oprah said: "the most memorable was her body, which reflects the Americans for their size. The persistent information may be incorrect, but it is the truth, Oprah treated the weight reflects the attitude of Americans in the weight of unremitting efforts"

Oprah Michael - Jackson dialogue
Oprah and Michael Jackson

<b> 3, 1993, Michael - Jackson frank:</b>

Oprah was interviewed in the heyday of the king of pop - Michael - Jackson (Michael Jackson, which also created the highest rated episode of the Oprah show.

At that time, 62 million people gathered in the Neverland (Neverland in the face of child abuse, rumors of a superstar Jackson. In the last 90 minutes of the interview, Jackson told O F Rattanbai she had vitiligo, did not sleep in the HBO therapeutic room, also did not buy the nineteenth Century British "elephant man" - Joseph Merrick (Joseph Merrick bones.

This is what Jackson did in the years of the first detailed confession, on the Oprah Winfrey Show "can be described in terms of surprise, but also for Oprah's reputation is the icing on the cake.

Oprah Winfrey (Alan - Degeneres (right and left

<b> 4, 1997, Alan - Degeneres played:</b>

The American stand up comedian, TV presenter and actor Alan Degeneres (Ellen De Generes disclosed his homosexuality. In this program not only for Oprah known as "confidante" and under Chen, is also engaged in the chat show Degeneres breakthrough in career.

But Oprah's support sparked controversy.

(Greer Greer said: "she had built his empire, is a feminist, her behavior to other women to follow. She is obviously a natural force, smart and savvy, but also do good. Everyone for her, I am also very supportive of her. But she put the public conversation into a soap opera. There is only good and evil"

Greer also said that although Oprah for their weight and abuse bluntly, also can make other people such as frank, Degeneres, but we have little knowledge of Oprah himself. She said: "everyone close to her escape, she refused to testify. The American public figure, we know about her everything, but for her but I don't understand this in the promotion of freedom of expression is rare"

Oprah presented to the audience very valuable car

<b> 5, 2004, Oprah presented to the audience a car:</b>

In the program recording on the same day, Oprah gave the audience an audience of 276 per person for a new car, and is equipped with heated leather seats, worth $28 thousand and 400. Who was responsible for the Chicago Tribune (Tribute AOL - Chicago marine cailean (Maureen Ryan television critics say, this is a big deal, it marks Oprah "fairy godmother" the beginning of the period, to the audience and guests with generous gifts. She pointed out that the program has evolved into a "new century spirit" as the characteristics of the program, but with the materialistic tendency.

Ryan said, in hurricane Katrina (Katrina New Orleans after the attack, the altruistic power and official. Obviously compared to Oprah seems to be in distress for the people to provide more help, but often gifts inevitably makes people tired. She said: "you can watch the annual gift show," Oprah love "(Oprah 's Favorite Things, the audience like Shea Stadium (Shea Stadium the Beatles as hysterical, because they will get Oprah free gift gifts"

Tom Cruise jumped on the sofa to the new girlfriend of love

<b> 6, 2005, Tom Cruise jumped on the sofa to the new girlfriend of love:</b>

The Oprah program is perhaps the The imprint is engraved on my heart. Tom - Cruise (Tom Cruise excited jumping on the sofa, dancing, said he was deeply in love with her new girlfriend, now wife Katie - Holmes (Katie Holmes.

Since then, Cruise's antics were a spoof and parody. Terman says, this show in the movie top gun (Top Gun, the "cocktail" (Cocktail and the mission impossible (definition of Cruise's occupation career Mission: Impossible before.

He said: "sitting on the side of Oprah was scared, his career has been a recession, but he returned." he also believes that the celebrities came to the Oprah show is to expel demons or Confessions of love, they know that this is a true confession of the meeting, Oprah will not embarrass them. He said, "the Tom - Cruise, this should be very clear, but evolved into a 'train accident' (referring to the amazing performance of Cruise's translator's note"

James Frey

<b> 7, 2006, Oprah from pressed bestselling writer James frey:</b>

Oprah in the publishing industry is also very profound, she repeatedly recommended a valuable book in the program, so that the author of these books won handsomely. Among them, James Frei (James Fray written memoir pieces "(A Million Little Pieces describes how he quit addiction, had been strongly recommended then, Oprah became a bestseller.

But in 2006, Frey wrote on his life fact is true questioned, Oprah invited the writer to show the scene, made from pressed. The interview is very intense, Frey himself also condemned by everybody.

Terman said, although Oprah said recently, deeply sorry for the practice, but it is still a lesson. Her show to good, the price is treachery be humiliated.

Oprah started school in South Africa
Oprah started school in South Africa

<b> 8, 2007, Oprah started school in South africa:</b>

At Fort Johannes (near Johannesburg, $40 million worth of "the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls" (Winfrey Leadership Academy officially opened in 2007.

In 2002 Oprah and former South African President Nelson - Mandela (Nelson Mandela after the talks, the commitment to build the school. Oprah also personally visited the school girls in South Africa, they all come from the first 150 places for low-income families.

Last year, matron abused girls accused Oprah of the decision can be clarified. Sorry, but she is very proud of these girls dare to testify. Oprah's charity known to every family, her name "Oprah Winfrey foundation" (Oprah Winfrey Foundation to the charity project and outside the United States donated millions of dollars, at the same time, public charity "the name of her Oprah Angel Fund" (Oprah Angels has raised about $80 million.

Oprah behind Obama

<b> 9, 2007, Oprah endorsed Obama, rather than Hilary:</b>

In 2007, at a rally in Iowa, Oprali Barak - Obama (Barack Obama, at this time, Obama is working with Hilary - Clinton (Hillary Clinton, campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. Oprah's support in the campaign well-matched in strength is important, because of her very public influence, but her choice has also been questioned.

Florida, "the St Petersburg times" (Eric Petersburg Times TV critic Dickens (Eric Deggans said, "Oprah Obama, but her middle-aged women audience support Hilary. Therefore, many people do not agree with Oprah, they think of Oprah in the election of the race more than sex is also important"

Oprah condemned the lyrics of discrimination against women in rap music, which attacked her tremendous influence in the black community. Di Gens said, she walked out of the plight of the blacks in the worthy of the name did not change, but the mainstream audience. But as previously Bill - Cosby (Bill Cosby and later Barack, Obama, Oprah also to show the world it may happen in the black body of the miracle.

Deegans said, "Oprah has made great achievements in the television industry supporting the black may become a legend, her middle-aged women voice in a unique way, for blacks, black Americans by the enthusiasm of the public support of great significance"

Oprah farewell show on star studded

<b> 10, 2011, Oprah farewell show on star studded:</b>

The last time Oprah talk show "Oprah surprise farewell night" recorded in Chicago United Center. Allegedly, Madonna, Tom Cruise and will Smith couple (Will Smith and other big stars also at the scene, Oprah with tears of gratitude to the people.

Di Gensi said, "obviously, Oprah was able to gather celebrity friends. More interestingly, Oprah created the contradiction of the brand: she is a practical friend, but she and Julia - Roberts (Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise are very good, she is a workaholic spiritual leader, she every year do a luxury about their favorite programs, her spiritual leader, they have no particular religion, her support for maternal love and family oriented concept, and had no children"

Di Gensi finally pointed out that it is these contradictions to attract the majority of women. He said: "they are very pleased to be able to understand the seemingly good friend by Oprah show, but let them comprehend the legend of this magical world"

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