Cao Kefan: Oprah is a hero

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Cao Kefan

Chengdu Daily: how to evaluate Oprah?

Cao Kefan Oprah: This do have ended 25 years of talk show like the end of an era. Oprah is a hero, a symbol of the times.

I think that although Oprah at the end of the show on the stage, but after she moved to other "battlefield", and the wide space for her to go. Oprah's life is legendary, poverty, childhood also suffered sexual abuse, though she was in a filthy mire long, but she is always so sunshine. With very sharp eyes to make the analysis of demolish with penetrating criticism of things.

Chengdu Daily: watch the Oprah show how you feel?

Cao Kefan Oprah: do the show has a very big characteristic attitude is calm and not arrogant. Her interview more like to chat with friends, but not gossip. Questions to the guest's cohesion is very clever, there is a strong logic, is a "random".

When I first visited America in 1995, the first day to just see the Oprah show, feel her powerful aura. At that time, the theme of the program is well designed, divorce, the rhythm of the show. Freely flowing style of writing is particularly worth mentioning is that although Oprah did not read many books, but she started reading the program, sharp, unique perspective, which makes me very surprised.

Later, Oprah's American counterpart told me, as long as the book on Oprah's show in a recommendation, would only sell thousands of copies of the book sales are likely to increase to hundreds of thousands of copies. I personally think that is the best of the Oprah reading program.

Chengdu Daily: how to influence her TV programs on Chinese?

Cao Kefan: in fact, not too much. We usually buy people making the program mode, in fact, only learned the appearance, and Oprah did not learn the essence. In fact the program mode sense is not strong, her more due to her personal charm, people can not learn the other. You only have a certain social experience there are clever mind, she can make such a high level. And the Chinese Dan TV is still in a relatively immature stage, the overall quality of the practitioners of television is not high.

Chengdu Daily: whether has a certain effect on the China host?

Cao Kefan: the influence of Oprah on the Chinese hostess, especially Yang Lan Luyu Chen, the host of take the intellectual style is very big. Even Oprah is a sign used in a program of yellow sofa, was also China media people used in the program.

Chengdu Daily: similar to our program, where is the gap?

Cao Kefan: there are two aspects of the objective and subjective reasons. On the one hand the quality of practitioners is not enough, the stomach ink, have social experience, not many media responsible person, on the other hand, there is no market, this program needs to slowly raise, now is how the custom to do, as long as the ratings high, without moral standards. The ratings is a inhibition, resulting in such programs are marginalized, culture is also very impetuous, not willing to listen to what you say.

Chengdu Daily: domestic chat show, what do you think is worth respected?

Cao Kefan: I think Cui Yongyuan and Bai Yansong they have a very high quality. As long as you can give them a good environment and security, they can do so well imaging Oprah program. Cui Yongyuan's "small Cui said," and every year during the NPC and CPPCC news room ", as well as Bai Yansong's news is 1+1>> a very good program.

And Luyu Chen and Yang Lan, their programs are excellent. Yang Lan had my writing sequence wrote, although our chat show has been marginalized, in bad times. But we still insist on, because we have ideals and sparks.

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