Luyu Chen: Oprah is my example before she left is a wise choice

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Luyu Chen: Oprah is my example before she left is a wise choice

25 pm local time (Beijing time at 16:00 on 26 2011 at 04:00 in the morning, the United States and show off the famous Oprah Winfrey talk show aired last period is the special program ". Oprah surprises Juxian this file has been broadcast in 25 years, affects millions of people and has become the benchmark of TV talk show ace program finally draw a perfect full stop, caused widespread concern in the field of world media.

CNN famous column " > also specifically on the topic of a depth interview, interview with the 3 world famous talk show host, ask them to talk about their own views on Oprah gorgeous exit. Known as the "Oprah Chinese" host Luyu Chen, is one of the three invited guests, but also invited the only Asian electric horizon a bit.

"Hey, Oprah, I'm Lu Yu. I want to say to you, you are always in the encourage me to move on, so when you really want to end the talk show program, I felt very sad. But I see when you leave is happy and satisfied, I feel happy for you wish. Good luck to you! "Lu Yu through the lens of CNN, to" talk show queen Oprah Winfrey Show "ending to send a special blessing.

<b> There is no good</b>

For many people, Oprah Winfrey is a famous anchor, an idol's name, but for Lu Yu, but she means more.1995, Lu Yu in the United States for the first time to see the Oprah Winfrey Show, she was thinking of that time, she also want to do a daily program like Oprah, the scene sit over the audience, Oprah inspired her talk show inspiration, 2007, the United States CNN in the website, Lu Yu as "Chinese Oprah", 2009, Lu Yu was invited by Oprah to connect with her satellite co hosted talk show the famous "two" Queen "in the space of dialogue.

The influence of Oprah on the China television can not be ignored. She gave Chinese do talk show TV set a standard, because before this, we actually don't know how to do a talk show, before a lot of people doing talk shows, Oprah has seen the show, learned a lot she did show experience, including methods, and then in the study, find their own characteristics. This is the position of Oprah in Lu Yu's mind.

"Ten years ago, I almost every day to see her show, I see her, not only from a perspective of the audience, also from a colleague, a junior perspective to study her, she studies, she told me and my program are influential. I still remember two years ago and she even when the line of the scene, it was the first time we talk, although not as directly face to face, but she makes guests relax, guests approached the heart, let me deeply respect the guests of the conversation, this is the place I have been learning.

Of course, Oprah's departure, I will feel sad, also feel a little lonely, because for many years, when I feel tired and tired of work, she was encouraged me to go the example. I think I will miss her. "The Oprah Winfrey Show Screen farewell, Lu Yu said in in an interview with CNN.

However, in Lu Yu's view, any TV programs may not always do so, because there is no good. "I want to make the end of the decision, for Oprah is certainly not an easy thing to do, after so many years, the show was not her personal, but a team I think, this time she left, is a wise choice, it is lucky, because any TV show, you can't do 70, 80 years old, in may leave also have the ability to leave, she chose this moment to let the audience remember her forever"

<b> Oprah's success can not be copied</b>

The same host for conversation program, also hosted a popular talk show, in the "Lu Yu" also ushered in the life cycle of tenth years, Oprah's departure will have impact on Lu Yu and her show, as the outside world is quite concerned about a problem.

Lu Yu said, ten years ago, if someone asked her if she would like to be Oprah's successful host? Her answer is' yes'. But if you ask her now, her answer is' I don't know 'or' no '. Because in the view of Lu Yu, Oprah's success is not everyone can affordable, but not everyone can achieve, her success can not be copied. Oprah has become today's Oprah, because she has great wisdom and persistence.

"I think Oprah has encouraged a lot of people, not just me. I will do, is do my show. I always believe that a bit, called 'silent', I hope that through my program can transfer a good thing to the audience, but I don't want a indoctrination or education, if the audience can feel from my show to some truth, goodness and beauty of things, even if not solve what problem, that is enough"

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Traditional Chinese: 陳魯豫:奧普拉是我前行榜樣 她離開是明智選擇