The 3 men do not want to be poor, or a lifetime

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1, what things are to move the woman home

There is a woman, never know how to be a wife, always unclear. Her heart only her own home, once married to her husband's family will try everything to go home, called "filial piety". In fact, this is not a kind of filial piety, is a naive so this woman must not be wealthy, is all cannot afford such a move.


2, vanity, just know money woman

There are some women heart thinking about money, they find her husband is the standard of husband must have money, we don't like sentiment things. They just need money, not think good to live, if a man marry such a woman is really suffered. Because this woman wouldn't become a good wife. Because of their money with you, because the money will leave you.

Be fond of eating and averse to work

3, lazy woman

Man, if you want to have a good wife, can help you become a good wife and family cuisine as wife, never find such a lazy woman. They never do anything for you, what they will think of themselves neither work nor to make money, what is this on you. The wife in addition to burden you with what others are of no use. All men must not be such a woman, or bitterness never ever.

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Traditional Chinese: 這3種女人男人千萬不能要,否則會窮苦一輩子