Chen Jia Ling Zhang Jike on the other mad athletes cannot cheat

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<b> Chen Jia Ling Zhang Jike on the other mad athletes cannot cheat</b>

The king attack this week in Shenzhen "into the mysterious world of W, Chen Jia Ling team and the team for the first time on the collision sparks, the introduction of competition mechanism," Dan naked contempt chain let two mustering the strength to fight for honor. Then the tension did not delay in their love to kill, "Chen Tucao master", "Vitoria is not only crazy. Jia Ling the truth", but also across the air conditioning Kan Lin update hit the face of penguin doll. And the use of "Lanling Wang again" Zhang Jike in the first half of early recovery, PK ring, Dan, who took four seconds to upgrade kill one less, more a "Declaration of athletes cannot fraud", "devil". A trend which cannot be halted.

Chen incarnation Tucao master "Jia Ling ridicule Vitoria truth"

The two teams of heroes came to Shenzhen to play games every day Chenhe also like to go home, spoof, Tucao skills fully on-line, like "Tucao master." against occasional wearing "husky coat" the penguin, eyes bright Chenhe, shouted like squatting in the two forest, then update. "Also on the ground COS" Oviductus enterprise "and posed with" forest dog ", it can not help for forest regeneration and the psychological shadow area.

As a copy of the "most successful Daji" skills of Sun Wukong, Hepburn and Chen "charm" forged indissoluble bound. Not long after the opening from Jia Ling "charm", for Jia Ling I and Ming Xi [micro-blog] who is more beautiful ", Chen first sent" of course you are good, although the ears with back "Jia Ling", and ridicule you are Vitoria truth "to make Jia Ling cry. Despite this, Chen still in the game success charm Sha Yi, not only the demand of the Wulin classic" sunflower acupointer ", his elder brother Sha Yi off to the" super soldier "exclusive cupboard.

Zhang Jike on the "devil" athletes can not be false to the gains "four killed"

Whether the Olympic Games or "King Valley", "devil" of Zhang Jike's tactics is always the first half of damages, the second half recovery system of hegemony. But in this field "mysterious W world" confrontation, "Dan" system for the first half of the contest to become the key to success, and "devil" wake up early also let the audience see Zhang Jike strength.

The first round of contest Zhang Jike overwhelmingly "zhanla" Wang Lin upgrade to silver Dan, the second round and with force in place card "challenge Jia Ling, while Jia Lingqiang made the challenge, but Zhang Jike" pick persimmons Nie "let Jia Ling play extremely uncomfortable," I hate anger? I challenge! "And the first rise to the" gold "Dan Zhang Jike of the harvesting head also makes Jia Ling team very passive, crystal stage, Zhang Jike is a continuous, Wang Lin, Sha Yi, Jia Ling harvest Zhang Dada, scored a game of four" kill ". The Olympic champion PK Laoruobingcan" team whether some of a mismatch? Zhang Jike flew out "occupation" fight back, said "disease". They can't cheat

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Traditional Chinese: 陳赫狂懟賈玲 張繼科談運動員不能作假