Hold it may lead to colon cancer

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<b> Four do not hold the body desire</b>

<b> Bieniao genital inflammation.</b>

The storage space of the bladder is limited, happened because the hold time is too long, cause bladder burst case. Often hold back, for the elderly men, prone to urinary retention of urine but I want to pee, young men will appear prostate congestion, cause prostatitis, women because of their urethra is shorter, urine if long time stay in the bladder, bacteria proliferation, resulting in urinary tract infection.

<b> It can suppress colon cancer</b>

Although not bieniao would hold back a sudden accident, but the stool in the gut retention time is too long, will increase the reabsorption of toxins, may lead to the occurrence of colon cancer. Moreover, this shit is not man-made rules, will make people suffering from constipation problems. Clinical found that colon cancer patients with constipation.

<b> Used to hold fart cause abdominal distension</b>

Few people would have thought would hold fart is bad for health. These need to exhaust gas containing harmful substances, if not discharged, stay in the intestines, intestinal absorption will be repeated, give the most direct feeling is abdominal distension.

<b> Hold the fine may be loss of sexual function</b>

No matter how busy work, also take time to relax. No regular married life, there will be endocrine disorders, or even reduce the sexual function. The Chinese say "fine full will overflow, if semen stays for a long time in the seminal vesicle and can not be discharged, sperm vitality will be weakened, the ability of spermatogenesis is gradually reduced.

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Traditional Chinese: 憋便可能會導致結腸癌