There are two best time of defecation

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The director of the Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University medical guidance / Yan Feng

There are reports that 6 people have constipation in China about 100 people, but the proportion in the elderly is higher, almost half of the elderly had this kind of "torture". Constipation is a kind of what kind of experience? The netizen joked, "it's a 'Xiang' feeling" -- "from squatting at that moment, I knew that this was going to be a hard battle."

There are two best time of defecation

Want to get rid of this' Xiang 'feeling ", starting from the way of life, what should we do, how to eat? Director of the Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Yan Feng one interpretation.

<b> Dietary fiber intake and less constipation increased risk</b>

According to Yan Feng introduced, the main symptoms of constipation is to reduce the number of bowel movements, feces dry hard and difficult defecation. Specifically, defecation can be less than 3 times of defecation time, defecation difficulty, even need some auxiliary techniques to defecation, fecal matter from hard, less, there are endless defecate feeling.

There are many factors of constipation, most of them are caused by abnormal intestinal peristalsis, constipation and the bad way of life is closely related to improper diet is one of the reasons. If a person eats too fine, coarse grains, vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in dietary fiber intake, coupled with inadequate water intake, peristalsis of food residue the production is not sufficient to stimulate the intestines, when the food residue in the colon in detention, during which the water is excessive intestinal absorption, formation and less dry feces, into the rectum do not have enough pressure to stimulate the nerve to produce defecation reflex, so the "Xiang feeling" so produced...... In addition to diet, defecation habits and mental unhealthy psychological factors also can cause and aggravate constipation.

Want to get rid of constipation, Yan Feng court, in addition to maintain a happy mood, avoid tension and anxiety, it should start from changing habits.

<b> A daily intake of 25 grams of cellulose of beans and whole grains</b>

Diet to prevent constipation, mainly by increasing dietary fiber intake and ensure adequate intake of water, in order to increase the volume of manure, softening feces, and promote defecation. Specific measures include 8 glasses of water a day (about 1500~2000ml, eat more whole grains, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

Most people are plagued by constipation dietary fiber intake. Yan Feng said, a general adult daily intake of dietary fiber should reach 25~35 grams. According to the balanced diet pagoda suggests general adult daily intake of 250~400 grams of Cereals, including whole grains and beans 50 grams of ~150, fresh potato 50~100 grams of soy and nuts product 25~35 grams, 500 grams of vegetables, 200 grams of fruit can basically meet the recommended amount of dietary fiber.

But for most people especially the office workers, dietary fiber intake is not enough, the majority of workers in a day in the food intake, can provide dietary fiber food about 300 grams of rice products, the majority of refined grains, 250~400 grams of vegetables, 250~300 grams of fruit, usually containing only 12~15g of dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber intake to 25~35g per day, need to carefully design recipes, cleverly collocation and preparing food. In general, the higher the beans and whole grains, dietary fiber content, can be appropriate to eat, for example:

Whole wheat: 100 grams per 12.2 grams

Corn (dry: 100 grams per 14.4 grams

Peas: 100 grams per 12.2 grams

Buckwheat (peel: 100 grams per 10 grams

Whole oats: 100 grams per 10.3 grams

Soybean: 100 grams per 15.5 grams

In addition, potato is rich in cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin, increase the intake can improve constipation.

As the maintenance of gastrointestinal health "good helper", dietary fiber can be divided into two types of soluble and insoluble. Soluble dietary fiber can increase stool volume, promote intestinal peristalsis, help improve and prevent constipation, soluble dietary fiber can promote intestinal beneficial bacteria growth, to maintain intestinal health is very important.

However, Yan Feng also reminded that different types of constipation, tolerance and type of dietary fiber intake is also different, such as for slow transit constipation with intake of dietary fiber or excessive intake of insoluble fiber, may aggravate flatulence, abdominal distension and other discomfort. So, she long term constipation or under the guidance of professional doctors, make individual treatment plan.

Two hours after a meal in the morning and easily induced defecation

In addition to improper diet, an important cause of all sorts of adverse bowel habits also induce and aggravate constipation. For example:

Some people on the toilet even with a mobile phone constantly refresh, or take a book or a newspaper, defecation inattention, it is more and more mobile phone books attentively, squat legs numb, half an hour have no solution. If things go on like this, the muscle decreased defecation fine control ability, even more force. The contraction of the muscles tense up, can lead to constipation.

Some people are too busy to go to the toilet, the meaning has subsided, the rectal sensitivity to excrement stimulation decreased or disappeared, feces stay too long in the intestines dry, and constipation.

How to avoid? Of course is to develop regular bowel habits. Yan Feng said, from the perspective of digestive physiology, <b> human colon in the morning and 2 hours after meal in the more active, it is recommended to make use of the morning after getting up reflection, and postprandial gastrocolic reflex induced defecation.</b> The conditions of the people, every day as far as possible in the morning fasting drink 500 ml of water after brewing or defecation, after breakfast within 2 hours, to the exclusion of all kinds of interference, to focus on "squatting size". In addition, as much as possible to avoid the artificial restraint meaning, so as to avoid a suffocating hold again, creating a vicious cycle, further aggravating constipation.

Constipation accompanied by blood in the stool without anemia conditions

Although most constipation is benign, but it brings trouble to our daily life at the same time, there may be hidden all sorts of health problems, such as will cause hemorrhoids, anal fissure, increase the risk of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and accidents, it may also be some systemic diseases of the local performance, there may even be a malignant lesion the "alarm", it should not be overlooked.

Yan Feng said, constipation accompanied by blood in the stool, anemia, weight loss, abdominal pain, abdominal mass, or a family history of colorectal polyps, colorectal cancer history of people to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, as soon as possible to exclude potential conditions. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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