Anti constipation trick gastroenterologist who

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Maybe everyone will have constipation, gastroenterologists are no exception, but they have their own coup solution!

Anti constipation trick gastroenterologist who

1, Chinese medicine master Yan Zhenghua:

1~2 two breakfast cereal

I usually eat breakfast daily when cooked jujube, jujube 5~10 pieces, with nourishing qi, spleen nerves. Because I have habitual constipation, so I eat breakfast at 1~2 two (50~100 grams of porridge, sometimes with taro, sweet potatoes as the staple food, or 30 grams of cassia tea, has a laxative effect.

2, Beijing Shijitan Hospital, CMU director Luo Chenghua of colorectal surgery:

Drink 700~800 ml of water before breakfast

Everyone will be more sensitive to some food, after eating can cause gastrointestinal reaction obviously, usually to try to eat or not eat, this is an important method to prevent constipation. Because of physical reasons, I seldom drink milk. Especially do not drink milk will be heated, constipation or diarrhea. I will eat more fruits and vegetables, but rarely eat meat, drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day, especially to drink 700-800 ml of water before breakfast every day, so you can keep the intestinal wet.

3, The Fourth Military Medical University professor Wu Kaichun Xijing Hospital of digestive diseases:

Massage Stool - gathered in the left lower abdomen

I was on a business trip in addition to constipation, eat more fruits and vegetables, but also to defecate, although there was no meaning, but the formation of long-term human biological clock is not easy to be broken, so I went to the toilet, and abdominal massage to help defecation. The left lower abdomen is excrement gathered in the area, do massage in a clockwise circle here the direction, will play a supporting role.

<b> 4, Wuhan No.1 Hospital, deputy chief physician Wu Yufang:</b>

Do aerobics exercise abdominal bulging key

My morning fasting drink boiling water, the amount is relatively large, generally to drink 600 milliliters. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables, sometimes eat cereal for breakfast. I used every night to do "drum belly exercise abdominal muscles to prevent constipation: first with the palm on navel massage, the order is right on the left, and then take a deep breath, the belly, with the breath back. Family constipation, I also recommend their key to exercise the abdominal muscles, do sit ups is also good.

<b> 5, Zhejiang Province, director of Xinhua Hospital of Wang Zhangliu:</b>

January selected day porridge

"The best way is bowel detoxification, eat liquid food, or eating only fruit." the king said he would flow, pick a rest day of the month, eat liquid food, such as porridge, milk, yogurt, or a variety of non greasy water. Tang Tangshui can also eat a little fruit, fruit varieties not pay attention to what or what to eat. Vegetable Salad can also be so tired for a month. The stomach, there is a time to recuperate.

This day does not work, he chose to drink the porridge water at home. Take a turn against rice, 5 bowls of water, using a pressure cooker for two hours, all melted in the soup rice porridge, a bowl of very thin, three meals a day, every time didn't drink too much, about half a bowl porridge water, occasionally with some fruit, so the stomach the rest of the day, feel very relaxed.

<b> 6, Department of Gastroenterology Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital chief physician Li Gang:</b>

Walk while rubbing the belly

Early in the morning, a cup of warm water poured down, and then departure from home, step to the hospital. While walking clockwise rubbing abdomen, forty minutes walk to the hospital will go to Restroom. Li Gang said, many colleagues have called on him, constipation, this word is never used. Of course, how to go to pay attention to, the best time for more than half an hour, walking can be as far as possible to increase the waist and hip rotation. 4. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 消化科醫生們的防便秘絕招