ACCA candidates: give up and strive to adhere to class after work

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Accounting working state is usually periodic, usually follow the prescribed order, at the end of the month at the beginning of the month working dogs, have project extra overtime. After eight hours a day, except the metro bus to spend two hours to eat, the rest of the time is not completed a ACCA exam. But even such a limited time, which is not the same the value of energy in each hand.

The middle-aged people do not want to go home after work

Every day after work, the financial department colleagues in the office, will trickle shut the computer off, off screen is usually bright late. A financial manager, for seventh years, can do this position is not easy, especially in foreign companies.

Arguably, the financial manager don't work overtime as the same basic accounting, but still a often choose to stay for a while after work, one is to get more overtime, and secondly, a silent for a moment, did not speak.

A marriage for several years, the children entered primary school, every month eighteen thousand mortgage, the pressure is very important. In a few years, the pressure will be greater, a very clear. A few years ago a piece is very fire, said that many middle-aged people will go home, in the car alone and then went upstairs because, one day, just a few minutes to oneself. This piece is not a joke, but it attracted about one hundred thousand people have been forwarded, as it hit the middle-aged man's weakness, make people resonate.

Eileen Chang said, after the middle-aged man, often feel lonely, because he opened his eyes, all around is to rely on him, but he can not rely on people. This sentence sounds cruel, it is reality.

Many people in the car sit for a while, a choice of stay for a while in the office for a while. Organize files, clean the table, close your eyes, do not look at the mobile phone, what do not want to, this is his personal time.

A recent topic is fire, there have been calls, we need to "middle-aged protection law". Why, because contemporary middle-aged people have too much pressure, no longer like so headstrong young, before you make any decision to consider the family. Young people often abandon, to years of social network a diss "fat middle-aged people" agitation, make a group of more than 30 people heartbroken.

After work in the office would not leave the middle-aged accounting people, life is not easy, please be proud of their insistence. You can still go home early, after all the homework is waiting for you available.

She is a wonderful person.

Small European 26 this year, state-owned enterprises accounting, second years of work experience. Many tried and failed, eventually became the life they want. Or that little has been accept life as it is.

Two years ago, a small European just out of the campus, looking forward to working life. At that time, she thought she would become a television that walk with the wind in the workplace, the weekend with friends clubbing, or car to a short trip, she will be very clear to the singles, because no time to fall in love. After two years, small the European one, single.

The busy work life occupies the most, the weekend free and relax, but also did not go out to wave mood. There is a weariness in muscle, but in the heart.

Sunrise, sunset and interest rates, two line, three meals a day, life is like that is so small, Europe has been accustomed to, and she began to feel that life is not what is not good.

Small Europe said she had read a book, which said, dull and commonplace, reassuring and dull, mediocre is the heart unwilling. Small Europe believed they were mediocre, she enjoyed life more than most people. Every day after work, she would go to the supermarket to buy some food, give yourself a delicate the second day of the dinner and lunch, lunch will be small European photos in the circle of friends, there are more than 20 points like every day. Many of my colleagues tasted her lunch with that delicious, although she think it is just because people are now accustomed to hardcore takeaway, accidental taste of cooking in the kitchen of course, there will be amazing feeling. In the kitchen cooking, taste of life, little thought.

Dinner, small Europe will point to open mobile phone on a popular TV drama or variety show, so look lively. The weekend will see a movie about small European friends, watching the home to sleep. Little said, marriage is too far away, if there is a chance to fall in love, try to accept it.

In accounting workplace, there are a large number of new entrants each year, there are a lot of accounting farewell in this industry. To what extent do not say to be successful, the financial manager chief financial officer CFO??? Small Ou said, she does not have the lofty ideal, at our jobs go well, can the promotion will certainly rise.

The financial industry to those of single people, may have their own reasons, too busy no time to fight the cause, do not want to fall in love, you can understand, is their own choice. Because young, only emboldened enough to choose single, but in the busy work, don't forget to occasionally slow down and enjoy the taste of life.

Inspirational story of the hero, at the beginning is very not bad

Xiao Shao studied economics, after graduation in the bank for a year, only to find their true love is accounting.

Change is not easy. Take a little Shao to resign the primary title, or looking for work around the wall. The non professional, no relevant industry experience, a certificate component is too small, these problems become a reason for Xiao Shao rejected.

Xiao Shao found himself thought too simple, but she's not what way, spent three months rental, for three months, not a penny of income.

Then finally found a willing to her small company, Xiao Shao first will remember the identity of the income.

This is the second year, Xiao Shao has learned a lot at work. But not enough, small companies can learn a limited, small company financial management scale and complexity are too small. So in the basis of Shao plans to quit, she wanted to go to a larger company.

But this time she won't hurry to resign, Xiao Shao decided to test a high gold content of the professional qualification certificate, so your resume in the job to add a lot of points. Xiao Shao chose ACCA international CPA certificate, this certificate is originated in the United Kingdom, belongs to the high-end international accounting practice certificate, with a wide range of visibility and acceptance, especially in foreign companies will have the advantage. In addition, the certificate required conditions apply more relaxed, students and employees can apply, very convenient.

ACCA certificate contains two stage 14 subjects, to get a certificate at least through the 14 exam, is not easy. But Xiao Shao believes that although this certificate is difficult to test, but gold is also here.14 subjects, covering almost all areas of accounting, the equivalent of starting from zero read accounting undergraduate courses but, these basic content is to make up for her. In fact, F all through the examination of the candidates, can apply for British Oxford Brooks University, a bachelor's degree in accounting certificate.

Why did the economics of accounting graduates decided to produce interest? Xiao Shao explained that because of an event at the Gunton Institute of Finance in small Shao met a woman from five hundred companies CFO, CFO and the female temperament and subdued speech left a deep impression on her. That is Xiao Shao first know CFO is the chief financial officer, is also the first time that CFO usually manage dozens of billion of liquidity.

Heard a lot of chicken soup, still go along, because life is always full of confusion. But the direction for the heart, calling people, life is a road, just go ahead. No small Shao told others, when she was forty years old when the hope can CFO.

Now every day after work, Xiao Shao will quickly go home to open the computer to see the Gunton financial ACCA network class, every weekend she also halfway across the city to go to the training course, very hard, but she said, the inspirational story of the hero, beginning not badly.

Every day after work, each person has different accounting action trajectory, but also represent different life stories. In fact, not only is the accounting people, each industry has the hard work of young people, but who is not side to give up, while efforts to adhere to it. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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