How can not stay up late 90 by ACCA examination

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Boil the deepest night, with the most expensive mask, 90. Some time ago, the topic of special fire, someone said, in fact, 90 who looks very Buddha, what do not care, actually have a very strong business heart, who has refused to sleep for the cause of young people is the best. Proof. Hard work is good, but the lack of sleep is a serious health hazard, in recent years a variety of sudden death in the news protagonist, age is more and more small, ACCA candidates are in critical condition. Don't take an examination of ACCA really must stay up late?

A student to stay up to review the experience test we are not unfamiliar, but sometimes A Jun also reflect, whether because of their efficiency is too low, but will stay up late into the normal review?

You just look very hard

There are a few people in the circle of friends, and occasionally send a night to read the picture, or of a late night office, look the day was very compact. But over the past few years, those people read or forwarded various inferior chicken soup, no nutritional piece, that people often work overtime every day, are complaining about how wages did not rise. Later want to understand, read a person's thoughts can certainly improve, but a lot of people made a circle of friends just to tell someone "I am reading" this matter, in the end a few pages. Only they know that staying up late to work overtime people, only want to tell someone "I am to fight this thing only, to cause no improvement.

Do not know from what time, the media in the performance of a character entrepreneur often used "sleep only 5 (or 4 hours" such a description, give a person a kind of busy feeling. Slowly, staying up the meaning of "effort" and began to equate. But the problem is that people are forced to stay up late and you get a ACCA, do not stay up late?

In fact, staying up late is not equal to the input.A test you just go to work, often become the last person to leave the office at the time, although heart uncomfortable, but the thought of a successful man said, young people is to work overtime, and inner calm. Later a long time, work late became daily until one day. Led by a call to go to the lecture, the leader said, although you are late to work, but this is not working overtime.A Jun was puzzled, leadership explained that your workload and others is the same, but others can be completed in time, why do you need to work overtime, you just indulge in the infinite extension of working hours only.

A exam review. You see light suddenly too, this can be resolved in nine before the content of active drag to twelve points, this night is meaningless.

Stay up the disadvantages of cultivation

The biggest disadvantage is that late cultivation, easy to aggravate procrastination.

Procrastination has become the contemporary young people's ills. Each ACCA candidates in the review on the road every day and inner struggle. A lazy guy opened the book did not look at page two, want to brush micro-blog. The question did not do two, and want to brush the drama, the new movie to see, some people comment and reply to the circle of friends in contemporary life, to attract the attention of many things. When return to God, but also a long time to prepare to enter the pre review state, time is so diluted out.

But procrastination once become ills, rest will inevitably be disrupted, for a long time, as if the whole person and society have been around the time difference.

It is said that Hangzhou has recently issued new regulations, the primary school homework to 10 did not finish can be signed by the parents, second days to the teacher. The purpose of doing so, in addition to take care of the health of pupils from rest, have put an end to consider procrastination.

Successful people rarely stay up

Gunton small had contact with many outstanding achievements every year ACCA examination of the candidates, the impression that they had never heard mention he had to stay up late to review.

The students do not stay up late, the examination results are hard to force the party than the cultivation of good, how did they do that?

The A test and a P2 Jun won the world's first classmate Li talked, solved the mystery.

Li said in the review stage, the most important is to form a stable life rhythm, while similar before the assault to study every day so more than 10 hours. Lee students have also often The loss outweighs the gain. for more than a month to soak in the library, day and night review books, life time was severely compressed. The result is mental fatigue that gave birth to a serious illness, and the examination only in low drifting. Li said on, time and output sometimes input does not match the strategy should consider whether there is a problem.

Later, Lee students adjust the review arrangements, every day according to subjects to set their own review, such as watching a few chapters of the book, how much do exercises. The goal is completed, the remaining time to relax, read a book, go running, ensure at the appropriate time to sleep every day, only to ensure adequate sleep time, second days to work with high efficiency.

In general opinion, bid farewell to cultivation only two steps:

1. reasonable planning, every day the target is put down, to ensure the rest.

2. to improve the efficiency, can be completed in 6 points to 9 points. No drag

The ACCA test is not easy, all efforts are worthy of respect, but if be excessive, premature death (cough is not good. The candidates, or to adjust the attitude and review method, improving the efficiency of review, an early farewell to the cultivation. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 90後不熬夜如何能通過ACCA考試科目