Square Enix announced: "Neal era" and machinery shipments exceeded 2 million 500 thousand units in total digital version

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Square Enix announced yesterday, "Neal (NieR: Automata): mechanical era" global shipments plus a digital version of the sales have exceeded 2 million 500 thousand units! Neal: the mechanical era on February 23, 2017 landing in Japan PS4 platform, March 7th landing in North America, March 10th landing in Europe, while the PC version is released in March 17th.

After sale won praise among the 2B game player, the little sister is invincible set off a wave of Cosplay, 2B and little sister hot in turn promote the sales of the game.

Neal: the discount promotion mechanical era, not long ago, and a wave of selling, selling more than a year, has reached 2 million 500 thousand sets of shipments, the sales you can say?! We would like to congratulate it.

Neal: the mechanical age "the story is set in the distant future, about life and human body mechanical in the destroyed earth by human enemy aliens sent sent" artificial Ewell ha "army into battle story. Many people are already believe. Played the game, did not play the students can look at the video below 2B feel the charm of the little sister:

[Neal: Ranger net: Mechanical Age "honest Trailer

For more information please pay attention: Neal: Mechanical Age topics

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Traditional Chinese: Square Enix宣布《尼爾:機械紀元》出貨量與數字版合計突破250萬套