Dante beheaded destroyed the dragon! "Monster Hunter" and "world" linkage activities launched dmc!

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In order to celebrate the devil may cry HD collection, officially on sale, Karp air yesterday officially announced the world of Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter and World>> devil may cry. In the promotional video linkage linkage activities this time, game player can create Dante through hunting and collecting materials attire and weapons.

[Monster Hunter: Ranger net world DMC linkage

It is interesting to compare the classic weapons "Dante force edge" in which turned out to be a shield axe weapons, produced by the right hand when using similar magic or spell things instead of the shield. In addition linkage activities previously and the street fighter 5>> like, this event will also contain some special expressions. At the end of the video we can see Dante out of ebony and ivory white two guns at the monster, I wonder if this two guns can reload bombs burst (laugh.

As to the exact time line linkage activities currently did not mention, maybe today will be the night's broadcast activities announced, please look forward to!

For more information please pay attention to the world: Monster Hunter

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Traditional Chinese: 但丁斬殺滅盡龍!《怪物獵人世界》與《鬼泣》推出聯動活動!