Look at the international school teachers how to help their children through the third life fork

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The third is often regarded as a crucial year. This is no matter in international schools or domestic ordinary schools is the same, especially in the domestic system. The examination, social concern, the children's pressure. The attitude of parents and the impact on children is particularly important. The international school teacher talk to parents and friends how, accompany and help children in grade 3.

<b> First, parents should know the third several important stages and arrangements</b>

Most of the school will arrange 1-2 month test period, around November and January next year in the senior high school entrance examination exam grade, third in Yuekao, around April the first mock exam examination, physical examination, around the end of May will be the second mock exam exam, and then is the senior high school entrance examination.

<b> Second: the analysis of the present situation of the children, help children clear goals and Strategies</b>

According to the child observation and understanding obtained from the teacher's information, plus the children several times since entering junior high school exam scores, analysis of learning attitude and habits, children's learning ability and existing learning level, lists the strengths and weaknesses, so the hearts of the number.

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<b> Third: children with consensus</b>

Pay attention to let children analysis or guide his analysis is not required because the analysis is not comprehensive enough or not accurate with his argument, the key is to let the children have improved desire. On this basis, to explore the space to be improved, and to determine the 1-2 most likely to change the weakness.

<b> Fourth: the implementation of the plan</b>

To have confidence in children and help children establish confidence of learning achievement. Being left behind children, just don't give up. There is hope to believe the child, and let the children trust you.

<b> Fifth: parents should be good at ""</b>

When the child mood changes, to help them, especially after the exam, no matter how to do, should find the children talk. Should analyze and draw experience and lessons from the examination, can be together with the children of papers, found the problem. Finally, the teacher can encourage children to understand, or please tutor and so on.

Trust is not good grasp, do not become the parents of their indulgence. If this did not hold, can with children and teachers. "Trust" is not equal to no matter or don't bother, but trust in the premise of "more fine more.

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<b> Reminder: parents improve educational methods to three principles:</b>

First, don't be impatient. Don't expect the child to suddenly change a lot, don't interrupt the middle children talk with their children.

Two, to grasp the education of children's mood. Use praise tone, or in other words, many suggestions, don't nag.

Three, don't say children at the dinner table. This time is a good time and enhance child affection, not to preach.

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