Ready to fight warrior! "World of Warcraft" for the seventh season.

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With the passage of time, we soon usher in the "World of Warcraft" Legion return version PVP seventh season, before a season you fought for the upcoming seventh season is a little confused, do not know how to prepare? Never mind, today we review for the coming seventh season, what are we prepared.

First, find their own team

This is the key point of the new season, all points will be set, we will return to the same starting line, start a new competition. So at the beginning of the battlefield and the arena rating really can be described as "Purgatory" word, God and rookie fly, you may add a set in stone a savage group fixed team put all sorts of things together, the opposite is the season of 2400+ was trained with regularity, according to the friction on the ground. I believe we all have experience, you can't win a PM is possible!

So a reliable command, a relatively stable team is the key to victory, in the channel and set in stone note there is no recruiting information, open the season just arguably is the lack of people, everyone's employment situation is quite bright, it is best to find the speech team, let the voice of command will direct command look a lot stronger than the team, can easily win!

The same as the command, we need to have rich experience to face the rapidly changing situation on the battlefield, each occupation master, and can raise the comrades of executive ability, not only started rolling, also to cultivate strong team! People need to pay attention to the reasonable collocation of occupation, not what the five Paladin team, or six painful surgery plus four thieves this extreme collocation, the diversification of the occupation can let you have more options to deal with the different battlefield map!

Find your buddy, rating and never belongs to the arena one stage, can have a good gay friend to accompany you, nothing can be inserted to each other's PK, is great for improving your technique, and the team will find two people find a lot.

Two, a lifting device, do

The first charge on the battlefield is a very important indicator, PVP attribute field is when you install the 800 basic properties of several panels, then every increase of ten installed, your property will increase 1%, that is to say if you can install to burn the throne in PVP is the epic of graduation there will be a great advantage, must have the premise in your operation and manipulation, lifting method is under the copy or on the battlefield, not the currency exchange PVP decomposition equipment to equipment for the next season, after the start of this season, you PVP money will be converted into gold.

For other game player is low, PVP is still very friendly, because the attribute based on PVP template, suit property, equipment enchants, orange effects, jewelry effects are not be activated for the new threshold will be relatively low, the first proposal of their charge up to at least 940 or so, so whether it is in the group or fight, maneuverability will be a lot more.

The new season because the integral reset, the only strong degree to prove your last season is achieved, generally more powerful teams are in your application you posted to prove your strength achievement.

As the interview, you need to prove their strength, in general can have arbitrary "elite" or "violent" elite achievement arena scores when applying for the team achievement can be relatively smooth, basic will to you, so if you can have a successful buddy, these days work harder you can have success, the new season will be much smoother.

The new game player or game player also don't hurry back, to upgrade their equipment, full glory talent, practice PVP technique, but also can be integrated into the new season.

The above is the preparation for the seventh season to prepare for it, I hope everyone can get their good performance in the new season! Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 準備戰鬥吧勇士!《魔獸世界》備戰第七賽季攻略