"Escape" not landing NS developers explained: you do not want more money

Updated: 2018-3-22 15:35:36  Views: 16

In a game player activity, developer Hazelight Studios was asked to "escape (A Way Out>> landing Switch platform. Why can't Nintendo developers explain, is largely due to technical reasons, do not want to let the game player again purchase additional peripheral products.

Hazelight Studios said the production staff first because when offering Switch they have developed for a long time, what is more important is related to the game controller.

The gameplay of the game, game player will not be able to use the Joy-Con split multiplayer game. Unless game player Pro also has a handle to a normal game, but this also means that the game player need to purchase additional peripheral products, this seems to be the Switch idea.

The escape will be available in March 23rd, will be landing PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform. If one day to solve the technical problems, then the game will be landing Switch.

For more information please pay attention: Escape special

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Traditional Chinese: 《逃出生天》不登陸NS 開發商解釋:不想你們多花錢