The declaration of death of micro-blog sun photograph stunned the crowd! 246 pounds of body weight comparable to PDD

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The former Newbee Electronic Sports Club of the League (League of first impression Legends>> division team of death declaration should be "gaming fighters", because once the game by more than one smashed base, live for no control of mood, girlfriend violence, followed by teams and broadcast platform termination.

The day before the declaration of death in micro-blog made a photograph of yourself, let netizens stunned, the original Tyson gaming, a body shank meat is covered with fat, has become a big fat, it seems that the recent declaration of death of a lot of decadence, change is too big.

For such a declaration of death, many netizens immediately think of PDD, because the body in this circle is only PDD and he can be comparable to the.PDD and the declaration of death is different, he is not fitness puffiness, and declared before the fitness, now is certainly not so fat and exercise, they become decadent completely rebound.

See this picture, a lot of friends in the micro-blog message reply. It seems declared really is slack, even the diet is not controlled so that fat into it. He himself said she was 246, netizens responded: you this weight is really terrible.

The most noteworthy is the final death a response announces, he said "I was deliberately fat as a pig, and then show a wave of operation do you believe it," this show is that the declaration of death of a wave of operation to do fitness anchor, live their fitness, let friends to witness miracles. You do see?

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Traditional Chinese: 死亡宣告微博曬近照驚呆眾人!體重246斤媲美PDD